How can I book David for a live event, lecture, podcast, or comedy show? 

David is represented by Pangburn Philosophy. Please contact his agent:

How can I hire David to do voice work? 

David’s voice talent is represented by KMR in Los Angeles: Kazarian, Measures, & Ruskin. Contact his agent:

How can I advertise on Dogma Debate? 

Email with your request.

How can I be a guest on Dogma Debate? 

Email with your request.

If I sign up on Patreon, can Dogma Debate cancel my membership on the old site?

Yes! This function just became available to us. Once you sign up for Patreon, just email with your First Name, Last Name, and the email address you used to sign up on the old site. Once we confirm your new Patreon account, we will go into PayPal and cancel your subscription for you, so that you don’t have to worry about it! If you don’t remember the original email address, we can probably still find you, but having it will definitely help make sure we have the right person.

How important is it that I support Dogma Debate on Patreon?

Many people assume that the deal with PodcastOne made member support unnecessary. While we love our new partnership with PodcastOne, it takes a while for advertisers to get on board in a meaningful way. So far in 2017, only 5% of Dogma Debate’s income was derived from PodcastOne. The other 95% comes directly from 4th Listeners like you. To say that David and his family need your direct support, would be an understatement. This is why it is absolutely essential for the future of Dogma Debate, that you support us on Patreon, and why we appreciate you so much.

Why did you go back to Patreon?

Managing our own servers and website, and maintaining all the content, is not only expensive, it’s very time consuming. Running a full platform means running a business. This means constant updates, strategy, file maintenance, and a host of other things that come with business management. This has forced David to become a CEO first, and a podcast host second, which then takes away from the show’s quality, as well as David’s time interacting with fans, and being more informed on the issues he covers on the show. David has decided to be a content creator first, and a businessman second. This partnership with Patreon frees him up to focus on producing high-quality content and interacting with fans—which is what he really loves to do.

I’m already a member on the old site, can you just move my membership to Patreon?

We looked into migration tools to save everyone the hassle, but due to privacy and security, and for your protection, you have to be the one who signs up on Patreon. It’s a good move on their part to protect your privacy.

I hate change! Can I just keep using the old member site?

Because of the costs associated with maintaining the website and hosting the content in two places, we really hope to shut down our old site as soon as possible. Moving your support over to Patreon today is the greatest way you can help us succeed.

Does this change my membership RSS feed?

Once you sign up on Patreon, on the right side of the screen, you’ll see a brand new RSS feed just for you. This is your new private, personal RSS feed for your favorite podcast player. Each time we release ad-free episodes, it will be pushed to that feed. So yes, once we take the old website down, that old RSS feed will stop working. So get your new one in place ASAP!

Who took the awesome pictures on

Photographers: Stephanie GirardMike Myers