David C Smalley

David Smalley is a podcast host, actor, speaker, author, and comedian, combining his love for entertainment and media with his passion for skepticism, truth, and equality, by starting Dogma Debate, a podcast focused on educating the public with humor and unique, respectful discussions.

David also hosts Behind The Sigh, a private podcast for patrons. 

David has appeared on The Adam Carolla Show, Mohr Stories w/ Jay Mohr, CNN, FOX, NewsMaxTV, and many radio shows and podcasts, encouraging humanism and extending peaceful and respectful challenges to dogmatic claims.

With 15 years as a media producer, 18 years as a live performer, and his fascinating past as a former Evangelical Christian, he is now an atheist with a unique take on biblical and political topics. David is also the founder and publisher of Tiny Thinkers, a series of science books for kids. He recently sold his audiobook publishing company that boasted over 30 titles on Audible & iTunes.

The Dogma Debate Podcast is fast-paced with a liberal slant and features discussions and debates on topics like religion, science, politics and civil rights. His respectful approach to believers and conservatives as he hosts Dogma Debate has made him one of the leading humanist activists. He and his team have raised over $360,000 for charity in the last 4 years through his annual 24-Hour Broadcast and other events.

Past Guests Include:

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Adam Carolla, Richard Dawkins, Dennis Prager, Lawrence Krauss, Penn Jillette, Michael Shermer, Jay Mohr, Bryan Fischer, Dave Rubin, Peter Boghossian, Cara Santa Maria, Frank Turek, and many more!

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