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Stand Up Comedy

Reserve your spot today at The Comedy Store. Sat, May 18th at 10:30PM  Get tickets!


David Smalley performs stand up at various comedy clubs throughout the country. Check the dates below to catch a live show.

05/18/19 - The Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA
03/16/19 - The Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA
03/08/19 - South Point Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
02/23/19 - JR’s Comedy Club, Valencia, CA
02/16/19 - Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA
01/19/19 - Hyena’s - Fort Worth, TX (w/ Jon Reep)
01/18/19 - Hyena’s - Fort Worth, TX (w/ Jon Reep)
01/17/19 - Hyena’s - Fort Worth, TX (w/ Jon Reep)
01/04/19 - Loony Bin - Tulsa, OK (w/ Julie Scoggins)
12/15/18 - Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA (w/ Sarah Tiana)
11/17/18 - Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA (w/ Jesus Trejo & Theo Von)
10/20/18 - Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA
10/19/18 - The Fox Theatre, Fullerton, CA (w/ Jay Mohr)


9/15/18 - Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA
8/18/18 - Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA
8/15/18 - Comedy Store, La Jolla, CA
7/21/18 - Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA
6/02/18 - The Hollywood Improv, Hollywood, CA
6/16/18 - Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA
5/19/18 - Comedy Store, Hollywood
3/31/18 - Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA
1/28/18 - Stand Up Live, 7PM Phoenix, AZ
1/27/18 - Firecreek, Flagstaff, AZ
1/26/18 - Main Stage, Cottonwood, AZ
1/20/17 - Comedy Store, Hollywood, CA
12/16/17 - Comedy Palace, San Diego
12/7/17 - Adam Corolla Show


Dogma Debate is a podcast with more than 13 million downloads, averaging over half a million downloads per month, that invites believers of religions, cults, or the supernatural to share their stories and evidence as they are respectfully challenged by the host, and skeptic, David Smalley.


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David's podcasts are necessary platforms for respectful discussions, to bring out the nuance on difficult issues, challenge dogmas, and educate the public through laughs and entertainment. 

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Tiny Thinkers

Telling the story of real-life scientists as if they were kids going on adventures, these science books for kids, written by MJ Mouton, invite each reader to think of an adventure they'd like to have.


Voice Over

David Smalley has been a voice actor for more than 15 years, and is available for projects in animation, promo, commercial, and narration. He’s leant his voice to 15 audiobooks for Audible & iTunes, and countless local, regional, and national commercials, as well as a few indie animated series. 

To book David for a read, contact his Voice Agent, Mike O’Dell, BBA Talent, at mike@bbatalent.com.


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